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French Private Lessons in Milton Keynes

 My name is Caroline and I am a skilful and experienced native French tutor for primary and secondary students in Milton Keynes.

With my help you will expand your French comprehension and communication skills.

You will learn to:

- identify and use tenses appropriately

- manipulate a variety of crucial grammatical patterns

- boost up your vocabulary

- explore and discover the French language beyond your current needs and hobbies

For GCSE revision

I help the children to focus on important revision segments with exam resources, tips and techniques.

I cover the vocabulary and key phrases from every topic.

I'll explain all the main grammatical points, focusing on those areas in which you feel you need most help.

I will also assist you in:

- practicing for your French speaking exam

- developing your listening skill

- improving your interpretation and translation of the French language

- creating high quality written work

Your Own List of French Words or Phrases on Audio Pronunciation

Want to speak French? Yes but the pronunciation is often a barrier ... and without proper pronunciation it is difficult to be understood!

I can solve this problem by offering a service called 'Audio French Pronunciation'.

Send me a list of words you do not know the pronunciation and you will receive the audio file you can listen to as often as you wish and, repeat the words using the correct pronunciation.

​With my audio, French conversations will be much more fluid.

French Teaching and Learning Resources - Free French Quizzes - Blog

I make a selection of  French educational material for homeschooling parents, teachers & classroom decorations.  My worksheets introduce primary children to the French language. The vocabulary flashcards to which I add the pronunciation on audio file help the students to learn new French words and to pracise the pronunciation. My posters illustrate the topics and brighten up the classroom.

I also make beautiful decorative prints for your home or place of work in French and in English. Come and visit my Etsy shop at https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/YippeeLearning

French quizzes (on my tuition area). They are free and, they constitute an essential part of the curriculum.

You can follow me on my blog page which I update regularly with French verbs, grammar, vocabulary, tips and, anything interesting about the French language.

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