"my daughter made a vast improvement"
Caroline has been tutoring my daughter in French during Year 11. With Caroline’s help my daughter made a vast improvement in her French grades. Caroline not only helped my daughter understand the curriculum, but made French interesting as well. My daughter started enjoying the language and achieved an A* in her French GCSE. Caroline was conscientious, always on time and was always willing to take an extra tuition at short notice. An added bonus was that Caroline is willing to tutor the student in their own home. Caroline is a very experienced French teacher and I am certain that she will continue to help students master French and I wish her all the very best.
"dedicated, knowledgeable, friendly and very patient"
Caroline has taught my daughter for one year to GCSE. She is dedicated, knowledgeable, friendly and very patient. My daughter likes her teaching as she made it very interesting. She is also quite methodical. At the first few lessons she put lots of efforts to understand the student's weakness and strength and then customise the lessons. My daughter got the highest possible score in her GCSE and her speaking and writing is amazingly 'native'! I would highly recommend Caroline.
"Caroline paces things just right"
Caroline comes to my home to teach my 5 year old daughter and a group of her friends. They are quite a mixed group but she manages to make all the children feel valued and to make it fun for them all. They don't feel as though they are in a 'class', they are just playing games, doing some colouring, singing a song or two. They really enjoy themselves. But guess what, they are all learning to speak French! Caroline paces things just right for them, so that they absorb the language and feel confident with it. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone at any stage of their learning, she is a warm and responsive tutor and I'm delighted to have found her.
"good sense of humour"
Caroline came to us to help Emmie with her French GCSE and she was excellent - she had a good sense of humour too which I think is very important with languages.
"very good tutor"
Caroline was a very good tutor. She made lessons interesting, but she was also very thorough. My daughter was very relaxed with her tutor.
"patience and help"
Just to say a big 'thank you' for all your hard work over the last year which resulted in Sasha getting an A in her French GCSE this summer. I know without your patience and help she wouldn't have obtained such a high grade.
"could not ask for better"
Caroline has been Dominic’s French teacher for a number of years and we now know Caroline both professionally and personally. As a friend, we could not ask for better. He really looks forward to seeing her each week. She is a very friendly teacher and he feels very relaxed with her. His knowledge of French is considerable now thanks to Caroline and we feel he will have no problems when visiting French speaking countries in the future. We have every confidence that she will successfully see him through his French GCSE next year. We are very happy to continue with Caroline and would recommend her to anyone seeking a very good French teacher.
"lucky to find her"
Caroline has wonderful knowledge and experience. She is a flexible, kind and lovely person. Her teaching has been a great help and we were very lucky to find her.
"warm and focused"
Caroline is a lovely lady and very good tutor. She is warm and focused and very clear as to the child's needs. She is now tutoring a second child of mine having successfully helped build my son's confidence to succeed in his GCSE french.
"helped me achieve my grade"
Lovely tutor and has really helped me achieve my grade in GCSE French. Very happy with her work!
"has a good knowledge of the requirements"
Caroline is a very bubbly, enthusiastic and flexible French Tutor. She is helping my daughter with her GCSE and has a good knowledge of the requirements. My daughter enjoys her lessons with Caroline and is very comfortable working with her. If you are just starting to look for French tutors, I would recommend you contact Caroline.
extremely reliable and excellent tutor
Caroline is an extremely reliable and excellent tutor for French. She has helped my son in his GCSE French - he thinks she is fantastic and his grades in his assessments are showing how incredibly effective she has been in helping him achieve higher grades. I would recommend Caroline - she is always enthusiastic and my son enjoys (which is so important) her tutoring. She is patient and thorough - all positive!